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2014 has been a whirlwind year.

I created the score for INTRAMURAL, a comedic send-up of sports movies, which debuted at TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL this Spring to rave reviews. As you can imagine, the music ranged from orchestral rock-out action sequences to Teen Wolf-style 80s synths to ESPN Classics spoofs. If film music is best heard within the context of the film, then that goes double for comedy. That said, here’s just a little taste anyway:

I had the immense pleasure of working with the Bulgarian Symphonic Orchestra to record my orchestral score for the 3D IMAX film, ANTARCTICA: ON THE EDGE which will be released this Summer. Big orchestral sound combines with frosty and crystalline textures like lapsteel harmonics.

This short film’s complex tone made it really fun to score. There is this dreamy, mysterious quality to this character’s Todd Solondz-style existence, but also a wicked sense of humor in each of the character’s outlandish hopes and dreams. I played with bowed guitar, toy accordion and vocal breaths (through lots of effects) to create this surreal, ambient sound.

This light-hearted drama called for a deeply textured, layered score. I played with lots of guitar effects, including scratching on the strings with fingernails, as well as various vocal and hand-tailored synth effects.